Financing Milestones

June 01, 2020

After a great deal of research and evaluation, Garnex Gold Corporation has chosen to focus on two pathways for completing the financing required to complete its mining plan for 2020. Those two pathways are not mutually exclusive, but are synergistic and will be pursued simultaneously. The Company has engaged the services of Mr. Sydney Capland, of Toronto, Ontario, Canada who is an expert in mine financing, specifically including the acquisition of Canadian public company shells with cash reserves and the coordination of post-merger secondary financing. The Company anticipates success in completing a reverse merger with an attractive Canadian public company with cash, then raising additionalfunds in the Canadian public market. Achieving public company status will greatly enhance the Company’s ability to raise funds in the public arena to continue to build its Garnet mining business. At the same time, the Company is preparing a crowdfunding campaign that is expected to provide funding for the Company without resulting in shareholder dilution. The Company has engaged the services of InventureX, one of the foremost facilitators of crowdfunding campaigns, to lead it through the process. The Company’s campaign will afford participants the opportunity to forward-purchase refined and minted gold coins and bars, from 1/10th of an ounce to 10 ounces or more, at a significant discount to the spot price of gold –and therefore far below the premium prices charged for such bars and coins by retailers. The gold will be mined from the Company’s Garnet mine and will be refined and minted in the Pacific Northwest. Be looking for further announcements in the very near future. The Company is fully committed to start mining in 2020!